Neutral Workplace Investigations

The integrity of workplace investigations is paramount and requires the use of an experienced, neutral third-party who is knowledgeable about the law and has honed fact-gathering skills.

NeuVest® consultants are experienced, licensed attorneys who are retained to conduct neutral workplace investigations for a variety of reasons:

  • Employers want to know the facts so they can take appropriate action to address workplace concerns.
  • People are more likely to “open up” and provide important information with a neutral third-party than they would with an in-house Human Resource professional, in-house legal counsel or an attorney representing the organization.
  • Employers want to send a strong message to those in the workplace that complaints or concerns are taken seriously and are subject to investigation.
  • Proper resources do not exist to promptly or thoroughly conduct the investigation “in-house.”
  • Employers want to preserve their relationship with their legal counsel and protect against the possibility that their legal counsel may be called as a fact witness or the attorney-client and work-product privileges may be waived should the matter proceed to litigation.

Once the facts have been gathered by a skilled, third-party investigator, employers are in the best position to determine the best course of action.